Currently on the market mainly by iron radiator, aluminum radiator, steel radiator three types:

1 , cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators down its order , bulky, clumsy appearance , high energy consumption good many insurmountable disadvantage, will gradually be eliminated.

2 , steel radiator

Currently radiator by style points are two kinds of plate and column . Especially steel column radiator , with its work of steel column radiator, with its rich colors and beautiful appearance has won many consumers.

Optional steel radiator to voice whether district heating system to match , with open heating system heating consumers should use caution steel radiator , steel radiator case of oxygen as prone to oxidation and corrosion on the open-ended boilers oxygen content in the water , there are strict requirements , are required to serve in the heating system is filled with water after the maintenance of the master , if maintained well, will soon fill the radiator so that the last occurrence of corrosion problems leaking radiator .

3 , aluminum radiator

There are high-pressure cast aluminum radiator and tensile aluminum welding two kinds . Its advantages are:

① aluminum heat better, energy-saving features is obvious, in the same room, if you use the same specifications radiator, cast aluminum steel less than the number of pieces .

② aluminum good corrosion resistance to oxidation , do not add any additives , the principle is that aluminum event of oxygen in the air , memo generate a layer of oxide film , this film is both tough and dense layer to prevent further corrosion of the material on the body .

Select aluminum radiator , the best choice modular radiator pressure cast aluminum module . The radiator is a whole casting , so no welds leakage problem . And its biggest advantage is that products from the district heating system restrictions , even in an open boiler system can also be free from oxygen corrosion thanks to The modular design , after a heating postseason , if you find the indoor temperature is not enough , but also You can install a second year together , two to meet their own needs , rather like the radiator heating is necessary to replace the entire group .

As the requirements on water quality aluminum radiators and steel is not the same ( water quality steel material requirements System PH value less than 7 , and the aluminum material requires water PH value greater than 7 , resulting in conflicts ) , it should be avoided aluminum radiators and other materials are mixed installation.

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