1 : Aluminum radiator afraid of corrosion . This view is wrong, although oxidation corrosion resistant aluminum radiator to strong base which is very prone to corrosion and chloride ion etching . So to avoid aluminum radiator and alkaline , that is, the water PH value higher than 7 , or higher levels of chloride ion contact with something in order to avoid corrosion leaks situation.

2: the radiator in the water drained, keep dry on the radiator can be better maintained. This view is wrong, the radiator where the water is the result of corrosion, mildew, rust, dirt treated water , the water discharge, and heating will react with oxygen in the air , once again said that the air oxygen than the oxygen content in water is high, it is more prone to oxidation reactions, and oxidized faster. Radiator water is released , the more easy to rust long dirt , seriously affecting life.

3 : Place the heat sink wrap . After the radiator was wrapped in it's hood would constitute health corner, insects and bacteria likely to accumulate dust. When re- heating, dust and bacteria because of air convection houseful flying, house environment is not good , the bacteria are inhaled , form a hazard to human well-being . Will lead to deformation of the radiator cover , maintenance inconvenience other issues.